Leaf Pick-up

Leaf pick-up for the City of Huntington will begin Early Fall (WEATHER PERMITTING).

*Updates will be posted on the City of Huntington Facebook page on a regular basis, or by calling  City Services at 356-4720.

For example: If your garbage gets picked up each Monday (Zone 1), we will be starting in your area that first week and will continue  this procedure for Zones 2 thru 5 .

**Leaf collection can occur on any day of the designated collection week. It is IMPORTANT for residents to have leaves ready for pick-up by 7 a.m. the first Monday of their designated pick-up week.

To schedule a pick-up of leaves placed in brown bags, residents can call 356-4720, and those bags will be picked up every Friday.

There will be NO leaf collection on the following holidays:

Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 24th. Friday, November 25th.

Christmas: Friday, December 23rd. Monday, December 26th.


Preparing Leaves for Pick-up:

  • Leaves will only be collected if they are raked to the curb in front of the residence OR placed in brown bags and placed at the curb for collection.
  • Other yard waste SHOULD NOT be mixed with the leaves
  • Cars should not be parked in front of leaves. If there is a vehicle blocking the leaves we WILL NOT be able to pick them up.

Safety and Maintenance:

  • Parents should remind children NOT to play in leaf piles near the street!
  • Residents should make sure that leaves are not near a storm drain
  • Residents should ensure that storm drains are clear of debris

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