Minimum Housing Standards (City)

In order to maintain safe and sanitary living conditions, the City of Huntington has enacted minimum housing standards under Chapter 154 of the City of Huntington Code of Ordinances. The Department, through the Building Commissioner and in conjunction with the Health Officer is responsible for the administration and enforcement of minimum housing standards. Minimum housing standards is a tool used by the City to maintain safe living conditions for property owners, residents and tenants.

The Minimum standards for housing fall into six general categories as listed below: 

1. Minimum building occupancy.

2. Plumbing, garbage disposal and egress.

3. Light, ventilation and heat.

4. Space and floor area.

5. Use of basement as a dwelling unit.

6. Cleanliness and sanitation. 

A more complete list of all standards may be found in Sections 154.20, 154.21, 154.22, 154.23, 154.24 and 154.25 of the City of Huntington Code of Ordinances.

The Department investigates complaints filed by the general public concerning minimum housing violations, conducts inspections and issues orders of enforcement. The City of Huntington Board of Public Works and Safety is the designated hearing authority. When the Building Commissioner issues an order of enforcement and that order is upheld by the Board of Public Works and Safety, property owners are given time to correct the deficiencies as outlined in the order. If a property owner fails to make necessary repairs in a timely fashion, the City may assess penalties for non-compliance, issue an unfit for human habitation order or even condemn the structure.

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