Sales Disclosure

A Sales Disclosure Form must be filled out for any transaction that has valuable consideration (a monetary value) or if there is a cause number involved (court case) as in the case of a divorce. This also includes Sheriff Sales and Tax Sales.

Some helpful tips when filling out a sales disclosure form:

  • The form needs filled out in its entirety, which includes all parties' signatures.
  • If someone is signing as a Power of Attorney (POA), then a copy of the POA needs attached to the sales disclosure.
  • If and only if you are not filing for your homestead, you do not need to give the social security number or driver's license number of the buyer(s).
  • You may attach a legal description.
  • Parcels must be contiguous (adjoining) and within the same taxing district to be included on the same form.
  • Auditor will collect at $20 filing fee, as well as $10 transfer fee per parcel.
  • Page 4 is to be left blank for the Assessor & Auditor to complete.
  • Questions? Call (260) 358-4800 or email

Click the link below and search for Form 46021 to download the Sales Disclosure Form.