Annexations (City)

The Department is responsible for coordinating annexation for the City of Huntington. It does so by overseeing the annexation process and communicating with property owners, elected officials and other community stakeholders. Unlike most communities, the City of Huntington does not charge any fees associated with annexation requests. Applicants are required to follow applicable state laws and local regulations.

Regarding the annexation process, there are several steps to follow in order to become annexed into the City, including petitions, public hearings and notifications. The City of Huntington has adopted two resolutions concerning annexation policies. Those policies can be found in Board of Public Works & Safety Resolution 6-R-04 and Common Council Resolution 22-R-04. Annexation is ultimately a decision of the Common Council. 

Recently Completed Annexations:

Size (acres) Type Petition Filed Public Hearing Effective Date

Schilling, 3046 W 500 N

3.63 Super Voluntary 08/26/14 10/07/14 12/15/14

Hidden Hamlets Subdivision

17.9 Voluntary 09/09/14 11/11/14 04/10/15

CR 500 N Institutions

215.76 Super Voluntary 08/11/15 09/08/15 11/15/15

Waterworks Road

96.3 Super Voluntary 08/29/17 09/26/17


Indiana Box

20.67 Super Voluntary 11/27/18 12/19/17


321 Safari Trail

3.97 Super Voluntary 05/08/18 5/29/18


Riverfork West

164.38 Super Voluntary 09/10/19 09/24/19


Riverfork West II

7.79  Super Voluntary 10/13/20  11/17/20


Flint Creek Development


Super Voluntary 

05/10/22 05/24/22 08/15/22

Northpoint Preserve


Super Voluntary 

07/26/22 08/09/22 10/30/22

The information below is intended to be a brief summary of annexation, please contact us for more information on how to become a part of the City of Huntington. In addition to outlining the annexation process and answering your specific questions, we can help guide you through the process applicable to your specific property.

What is Annexation?

Annexation is the legal process by which municipalities grow. Municipal boundaries are drawn to encompass populations which require improved governmental services. Because of shifts in population to the fringe of a municipality and the location of commercial, industrial and retail development in areas adjacent to a municipality, it becomes necessary from time to time to redraw the municipal boundaries to appropriately provide essential municipal services to those areas. Indiana law provides for the annexation of adjacent areas so these services may be provided. Annexation contributes to better land use and development processes, clarifying municipal boundaries and providing an improved framework for residential and business expansion. 

City of Huntington Annexation Policies & Guidelines:

Annexation, being a response to growth and anticipated growth, shall be pursued in a manner in which the fiscal impact on the incorporated City of Huntington is fundamentally positive. Therefore, while occasional exceptional circumstances may exist, in the large majority of circumstances:

1. Annexation shall be pursued based on priorities that support the City's desired development.

2. Annexation action should not result in a general property tax increase within the currently incorporated community; and

3. The annexation of territory where problems are so great that those problems overwhelm the revenue streams which could be used to solve the problems, should be discouraged; and

4. The City shall provide areas within the City, and those annexed to the City, with "access" to sanitary sewers and potable water. However this access does not include direct connection and/or the construction of waterlines or collector sewers in front of every tract of land. The City of Huntington does not have a policy which provides either water or sewer service to any property without cost to the property owner. Rather, the City has standing policies of requiring property owners to pay for water and/or sewer connections through an established system of fees and charges. Property owners contribute to, and in some circumstances pay for all, of the capital costs to extend water and/or sewer service to and through their property. Additionally, such property owners are required to pay for improvements necessary to their property to make connections to the municipal systems. Property owner participation in capital costs rarely covers the full cost of construction, but the fee systems attempt to reduce the costs subsidies which the City often provides to growth areas.

5. The City shall require the execution of recordable chain of title "waivers of remonstrance" for all future development which is within the service area of the City's water utility and/or wastewater department. 

State Law:

In Indiana, annexation is governed by state statutes that allow for annexation only in certain circumstances. Indiana Code 36-4-3 contains specific procedures that municipalities must follow when annexing territory. Due to specific statutory requirements, the annexation process can take between three (3) to nine (9) months to complete.

Types of Annexation:

  • Voluntary annexation is when a property owner(s) submits a petition to the City requesting that their property be made a part of the City's corporate limits. The City then extends its services, laws, and voting privileges to meet the needs of residents living in the newly annexed area. State law provides for two types of voluntary annexation. The first type is when the petition contains 100% of the signatures of the land owners residing in the territory proposed to be annexed. This type of annexation is often referred to as "super voluntary" annexation and can be completed on an abbreviated time schedule. The second type is when the petition is signed by at least 51% of the property owners or the owners of 75% of the non-exempt assessed value in the annexation territory.
  • Involuntary annexation is annexation that is initiated by the City and not the property owners. 

Fiscal Plan:

Indiana law requires municipalities to prepare fiscal plans prior to annexation. The purpose of a fiscal plan is to document that the municipality has the capacity to deliver municipal services within the time frame specified by state law. The fiscal plan also contains detailed information relating to the unique fiscal circumstances of each annexation area and other impacted taxing units. Specifically, calculations concerning the City's anticipated costs for providing services and making improvements are listed along with the City's anticipated property tax revenue from the annexation territory are detailed so that the City, through its Common Council may determine whether the annexation is in the best interest of the City as a whole.


The City must provide non-capital services within one (1) year and capital improvements must be made within three (3) years of the effective date of annexation. All services are provided in standard and scope to the services provided elsewhere throughout the City and in accordance with state law and annexation policies of the City of Huntington.

  • Non-Capital Services include law enforcement (police) protection, fire protection, public street maintenance, residential trash collection, storm drainage, parks, public street sweeping and governmental services. Additionally, other programs and services of City departments are also made available to the annexation territory such as land use services and ordinance enforcement. A more detailed list of these services is outlined in the Annexation Brochure located Quick Links below.

  • Capital Improvements are the infrastructure services of the City. These services include water, wastewater and storm water utility service; street construction and other necessary capital public improvements.

Can I get City Services without Annexation?

The City of Huntington generally will not extend its municipal services or utilities outside of the City Limits. In order to receive city services, the property owners requesting services should petition for voluntary annexation. In some cases, annexation may not be possible because of geographic contiguousness requirements. Please contact us to discuss these requirements and your eligibility.

What's the Process?

Please contact the Department for more information on how to become a part of the City of Huntington. In addition to outlining the annexation process and answering your specific questions about annexation, we can help guide you through the process applicable to your specific property.

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