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Volunteerism is an important part of a thriving city and it is any easy way for members of the community to give back to the place they call home. The City of Huntington is determined to partner with other organizations within the community in order to provide a wide variety of volunteer services available to its residents. By volunteering for the city, residents build a sense of pride in their community, form relationships with other who have a similar passion for service and improve the quality of life for our great city. The City of Huntington needs your help. Huntington is a beautiful city with great parks and a friendly community. In order to maintain that reputation or even improve it, the Mayor and the City employees need some assistance.

Citizens that are looking to volunteer or become more engaged in their community need to contact Andrew Rensberger- the Community Engagement Volunteer Coordinator. Andrew is dedicated to placing volunteers in service projects that meet their desires and skill sets as well as, making the city of Huntington the best version of itself. He can find a project, event or organization for anybody to get involved with. If you are interested in becoming more involved or are looking for an opportunity to volunteer, contact him for registration. Click on the "Helpful Pages" tab below to fill out volunteer registration forms.

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