Snow Removal

During a snow event, clearing main roads is a priority. Secondary roads, subdivisions and alleys are addressed after main roads have been cleared.

Anti-icing and De-icing
  • The Street Department may apply an anti-icing salt/abrasive mixture to intersections, bridges and high-traffic areas when a snow or ice event is expected.
  • De-icing begins after snow or ice has begun accumulating on road surfaces.
Snow Plowing
Plowing typically begins when an inch or more of snow has accumulated on the road.

  • Citizens are asked to please remove vehicles from streets to allow for curb-to-curb plowing.
  • Residents are required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks within 24 hours of each weather occurrence.
  • It is recommended to allow the snow plow to pass before clearing your sidewalk.
  • If you see a snow plow while driving, please stay back several car lengths and, if you must pass, do so with extra caution.