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Shannon Zuercher serves as contract staff for the Historic Review Board and may be reached directly at 260-366-0888 or by leaving a message with the Department. More information about historic sites and structures an be found here.

The City of Huntington Historic Review Board (HRB) is a seven (7) member body that operates under the authority of Chapter 153 of the City of Huntington Code of Ordinances and applicable State Law.

The powers and duties of the Historic Review Board are as follows:

  • The Historic Review Board shall be concerned with those elements of development, redevelopment, rehabilitation and preservation that affect visual quality in a historic or conservation district. However, the Board may not consider details of design, interior arrangements or building features, if those details, arrangements or features, are not subject to public view and may not make any requirement except for the purpose of preventing development, alteration, or demolition in the historic or conservation district obviously incongruous with the historic or conservation district.
  • The Board shall conduct a survey to identify historic buildings, structures and places located within the city; however, neither the survey nor any other action of the Board shall affect any property not located within the city limits.
  • Based on its survey, the Board shall submit to the Common Council a map describing the boundaries of an historic district(s) or historic district(s). A district may be limited to the boundaries of a property containing a single building, structure or site. The map may divide a district into primary and secondary areas.
  • The Board shall also classify and designate on the map all buildings and structures within each historic district described on the map. Buildings and structures shall be classified as historic or non-historic, in the following manner.
    • Historic buildings and structures must possess identified historic or architectural merit of a degree warranting their preservation. They may be further classified as outstanding, significant or contributing.

Members serve three-year staggered terms and membership of the Commission is as follows:

  • Seven members who are interested in the preservation and development of historic areas and must reside in the City are appointed by the Mayor and subject to approval of the Common Council.

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