City Inspections

As required by applicable code, the Department conducts required inspections as indicated on Permits and Permit Cards within the jurisdiction of the City of Huntington. The Department also conducts other code enforcement inspections resulting from citizen complaints relating to various building and zoning matters.

Site inspections primarily enable the Department to verify code compliance throughout the construction process at specific construction milestones. These inspections help to ensure that the resulting project is safe for property owners, occupants and the general public. When the inspector notes a deficiency or violation, the permit holder or property owner is notified and a re-inspection may be required prior to moving on to the next construction stage.

Inspections may be scheduled by calling or visiting the Department during normal business hours. The Department strives to coordinate inspections in manner that does not cause delay in the construction process. As a result, permit holders are encouraged to schedule inspections with as much advanced notice as possible. Priority is given to inspections which involve an immediate life safety issue.

In accordance with Section 150.07 of the City of Huntington Building Code, the inspection policy is as follows:

  • The Building Commissioner shall be responsible for the completion of all required inspections which shall be indicated on the building permit card.

  • The permittee shall contact the Department and schedule an inspection when work, for which an inspection is required or requested by the Building Commissioner, is complete, and such notice shall be given as follows:

    • Four hours prior to the earlist time an inspection is requested for footers, foundations or concrete slabs;
    • For all other inspections, notice must be provided not less than 24 hours before an inspection is requested.
    • The Department shall endeavor to schedule all inspections as requested; however, priority is given to inspections which involve an immediate life safety issue and on a first cal1-in basis.

  • If a footer, foundation or slab inspection has not been completed within one hour of the time set for inspection by the Department, the permittee may pour concrete and continue work on the footer, foundation or slab provided the work has been completed in compliance with applicable law.

  • The Department may assess a re-inspection fee for the following. The re-inspection fee shall be paid prior to a re-inspection being scheduled. 

    • Requested footer, foundation, or slab inspection not cancelled at least one hour prior to the earliest scheduled time requested for an inspection;
    • Other requested inspections not cancelled at least three hours prior to the earliest scheduled time requested for an inspection;
    • Work not completed by the time requested for inspection; or
    • Work not in compliance with applicable codes. 

  • The Building Commissioner shall note the passing of each inspection, or the deficiencies and/or corrective work required, on the permit card at the time of inspection. Corrections must be completed and must pass re-inspection prior to any additional work being completed which would affect the completion of the required inspection.