- Development Plan Committee

The Development Plan Committee is a subcommittee of the Plan Commission responsible for reviewing development plans in accordance with IC 36-7-4-1400 series and Section 158.110 of the City of Huntington Zoning Code. The Committee meets twice monthly to review and approve Development Plan applications submitted to the Department.

Development Plan review is intended to evaluate the compatibility of the development with surrounding land uses; the availability and coordination of water, sanitary sewer, storm water drainage and other utilities; and the management of traffic and other critical requirements for sound development.

Development Plan approval is required for all development that occurs in all zoning districts throughout the jurisdiction of the City of Huntington Plan Commission, except for:
  • Single-family or Two-family dwellings.
  • Home Occupations Type I.
  • Residential accessory structures, provided:
    • Structure is less than 1,000 square feet, and
    • All current and proposed structured create less than 50% impervious surface on the property.
  • Agricultural uses and structures, provided:
    • Property is zoned agricultural;
    • Structure is less than 2,500 sq. ft. on property less than 5 acres;
    • Structure is less than 5,000 sq. ft. on property greater than 5 acres;
    • All current and proposed structured create less than 50% impervious surface on the property.

Development Plan approval is also required for any change in use of any building or land if:

  • Expansion or enlargement of the building is to occur;
  • Additional parking requirements are needed; or
  • Grading or other movement of soil and land is to occur.

In addition to those listed above, some common examples of activities requiring Development Plan Approval, include:

  • Non-residential building projects;
  • Parking lot expansions;
  • Land clearing or grading activities; of
  • Creation, expansion, or alteration of stormwater detention/retention facilities.

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