City Subdivision Control

The Department is responsible for the day-to-day administration and enforcement of the City's Subdivision Code. Subdivision control is a tool similar to zoning that is used by the City to regulate the movement of property lines and creation of new parcels. Subdivision regulation helps to influence the character of development and ensure that lots are created in a manner consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Subdivision control is important because the manner in which land is subdivided, streets are laid out and lots and homes are sold sets out the pattern of development for generations.

Subdivision control also ensures that adequate public facilities and infrastructure exist to handle the development of the lots. This includes accessibility through streets, street capacity, pedestrian ways, and alleys. In the case of a major subdivision, it also includes provisions for water service, sewer service, treatment capacity, electricity, natural gas, drainage, and other utilities. An official subdivision of land also includes a plan for long-term maintenance of infrastructure. In the event that infrastructure is to be accepted and maintained by the City, it must be constructed to City standards. Subdivision standards are developed and recommended by the Plan Commission at public hearings and ultimately approved by the Common Council in the form of an Ordinance. The Subdivision Code is located in Title XV, Section 156 of the City of Huntington Code of Ordinances.

In carrying out these duties, staff regularly advises property owners, developers, engineers and surveyors about subdivision standards. The Department acts as staff to the Subdivision Plat Committee and provides technical assistance to other departments. The Department also reviews and processes subdivision applications (Minor and Major Subdivision Plats, Replats, Plat Vacations etc.) for approval, monitors the development of new subdivisions and oversees the construction of associated public improvements to City standards.

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