City Commercial Facade & Roof Grant Program

Main Street

The City of Huntington established the Commercial Façade & Roof Grant Program (CFRG) to assist commercial property owners and businesses in undertaking certain improvements to building façades and roofs. The program provides a 50 percent match to eligible applicants for approved eligible improvement projects within designated Economic Development Target Areas (EDTA).

In undertaking exterior aesthetic building enhancements and making roof improvements, properties increase in value, maintain marketability, and project confidence within the area. The CFRG program seeks to assist property owners in promoting reinvestment, strengthening commercial activity, and enhancing the economic vitality in unique areas of our community.

Program Objectives:

  • Enhance the vibrancy of critical commercial areas and corridors by encouraging investment that improves visual aesthetics in order to increase property values.
  • Make critical roof improvements to preserve the structural integrity of the historic building stock.
  • Stimulate economic development by incentivizing investment from existing and new business that attracts additional business and customers.
  • Support local businesses and foster entrepreneurship to expand the commercial offerings of the community.

Program Timelines:

  • The program runs year round and applications are reviewed quarterly in accordance with the following submission deadlines:
    • Q1: January 1st
    • Q2: April 1st
    • Q3: July 1st
    • Q4: October 1st
  • Grants are awarded on a first come, first serve basis based on the established evaluation criteria.


Find the relevant program documents, guidelines, and application forms using the links below: