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The City of Huntington Plan Commission is a seven (7) member body that operates under advisory planning law in accordance with IC 36-7-4.  The Plan Commission is responsible for overseeing the long term growth and development within the jurisdiction of the City of Huntington and acts in an advisory role to the Common Council.  It primarily does this by developing and recommending land use regulations, overseeing the drafting and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan and advising the City on matters relating to land use and development. 


Under State Law, the Plan Commission is responsible for the following:

  • Preparing a comprehensive plan.
  • Preparing a zoning ordinance and a subdivision control ordinance
  • Making recommendations to the legislative body on proposals to amend the text of the zoning ordinance or subdivision control ordinance.
  • Making recommendations to the legislative body on proposals to amend the zoning map (rezonings).
  • Approving or denying proposals to subdivide land, based upon compliance with the subdivision control ordinance (including variances from the Subdivision Code).
  • Approving development plans.
  • Assigning street addresses.

Members serve four-year staggered terms and membership of the Commission is as follows:

  • Three municipal members appointed by the Common Council who must be elected, appointed or employees of the City. 
  • Four citizen members who must reside in the City's jurisdiction are appointed by the Mayor (no more than two may be of the same political party). 

Note that the Plan Commission's Rules of Procedure prohibit ex-parte communication with any member of the Commission outside of a public hearing.  Accordingly, the public and petitioners should refrain from contacting a member of the Plan Commission.  All questions and comments concerning matters before the Plan Commission should be directed to the Department prior to and after a public hearing. 



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