Water Department Staff

Huntington, Indiana

Water Department Staff

Annette Carroll- Superintendent

Barry Ehinger - Asst. Superintendent

Operations                                               Distribution

F & V Resources                                                                                    

                                                        Jim Cole - Svc. Person

                                                        Tom Denton - Dist. Jrymn

                                                        Randy Hacker, Dist. Jrymn

                                                        Robert Harlan III, Foreman

                                                        Pat Maher - Meter Reader

                                                        Karen Poff - Dist. Jrymn

                                                        Brian Sills - Dist. Jrymn

                                                        Wayne Spencer - Dist. Jrymn

                                                        Stephan Walker - Dist. Jrymn

                                                        Jeff Young - Dist. Jrymn



Water Billing Staff

Jennifer Gunn - Office Manager

Cindy Asher - Office Clerk

Phyllis Bellam - Office Clerk

Marilyn Ratliff - Utilities Services Coordinator


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Operations & Distribution - 2290 Engle St
Water Billing Office - 300 Cherry St
Huntington, IN 46750

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