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The City of Huntington's Water Department operation started in 1893. The current facility was errected and finished in 1961 and has had numerous upgrades since that time. Water was drawn from wells (ground water) as well as the Wabash River (surface water) which lies just south of the facility. About 1978 the facility began ground water only operations which eliminated several operations and equipment thus restructuring the facility to what it is today.
Water quality and supply is the largest concern here at the water department. Plant operators have a combined experience of over 127 years of the treatment and supply of water. The water plant operates 24/7 365 days a year to provide you with clean safe drinking water. Testing is done on a daily basis here at the plant before it is delivered to your door. Monthly, quarterly and annual testing for contaminants is collected throughout the community. All sample results are reported to state and federal agencies that govern drinking water safety.

Plant operators are also responsible for the maintenance of 7 wells the water is drawn from, 3 generators used in case of power outages, 4 water storage facilities and plant equipment.

Distribution operators, are the men you see in the streets repairing water mains, meter settings and meter reading. They cover over 90 miles of water main, 924 fire hydrants and approximately 6500 water service connections. They are a tireless crew as they ensure that the community does not go with out water for any long length of time. This team will work 24 hours or more to complete the job if necessary.
All operators either Plant or Distribution are certified through the State of Indiana's Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). Operators continually attend seminars throughout the year to keep their certifications current. In addition to certification training operators also attend monthly scheduled safety training meetings.
The Water Department is always trying to be proactive in a since as to change outdated meters, broken hydrants and perform leak detection. There are of course the unscheduled mishap such as a main break that could halt a customer's service for a short period of time.
Fire hydrants are flushed twice a year to remove sedimentation from the water mains. This also helps in maintaining the water system. When hydrants are flushed the operator records any infomation that deems the hydrant inoperable or in need of repair. From that point on the hydrant is then put on a list and work orders are generated to make the repairs or replacement of such hydrants. 
As a community provider we also scheduled plant tours to our local schools. We try to educate our youth on water systems, conservation, quality and expenditures of facilities and infrastructure. Giving an understanding of why and how things are accomplished to provide for the water we drink.

We are continuously striving to be compliant as federal and state rules and regulations change. In September 2009 we will begin monitoring unregulated contaminants (UCMR). This will be done in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) requirements.

Starting soon you will see water department employees out with a GPS (Global Positioning Systems) device locating and recording information on the city's entire water infrastructure. This will assist in locating fire hydrants, valves and meter setting locations to make necessary repairs. With a tracking device department employees can locate these items quicker especially during winter months when there is snow and ice covering them.

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