Old US 24 "Road Diet"

Frequently asked questions regarding the project:
Q.  What is the anticipated timeframe for the improvements?
A.   The project is anticipated to be out for bid in mid/late 2015 with construction occurring in late 2015/early 2016.
Q.   Will stakeholders along the corridor have more opportunities for input?
A.    Yes, feedback from the April 8, 2015 public meeting will be considered/ incorporated and presented again in a similar setting.
Q.   Is the City installing wayfinding or welcome signs outside the project limits?
A.   Yes, the City is working with INDOT and the County to determine logical locations for such signage.
Q.   Will speed limits change along the corridor?
A.   At this time, they are not anticipated to change.  The City will work closely with law enforcement personnel to monitor the corridor.
Q.   Will drainage be addressed?
A.    The City will work with its consultant to identify current drainage problems and come up with solutions to make improvements.
Q.   I own a business along the corridor and accept deliveries via semitrailers.  How will the proposed improvements affect my ability to ship/receive?
A.   The City and the consultant are going through each commercial driveway to check on its ability to accommodate semitrailer traffic.  The City understands that there are some situations where the orientation of the loading areas requires some creative driving/parking of the semitrailers.   The City will present possible solutions to these property owners in an effort to improve the current situation.
Q.   Will decorative street lighting be included?
A.    The current project scope includes street lighting.

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