Vote Centers
of Huntington County
... It's your choice!

Huntington County Voters have always been given the ability to pick their candidates but now they can have the convenience of picking their voting place also!

Common questions concerning Vote Centers:

  • What is a Vote Center?
    A vote center is a polling place where any registered voter in Huntington County may vote as long as the voter lives in the district holding the election. The vote center model gives voters more flexibility on Election Day because they are not limited to a specific polling location. Vote Centers are connected through secure internet connections, and as voters check-in, an electronic poll book is instantaneously updated. 

  • Why are Vote Centers a good idea?
    While it is possible that counties will save money using vote centers, the true purpose of the vote centers concept is to increase voter convenience and accessibility. 

  • Can a voter go to any available Vote Center?
    Yes, a voter can visit any Vote Center that is operating for that election. A list of Election Day vote centers will be advertised well beforehand in local publications and on the County Clerk's website. The voter may pick the Vote Center that is closest to where they work, closest to where they live or closest to where they're doing their errands that day.  They will not be required to vote in one particular spot. 

  • Will regular polling locations be available in addition to Vote Centers?
    No, voting will only occur at Vote Centers, although there might be a few previous precinct polling locations that will be used as Vote Centers.

  • What if it isn't convenient to vote on Election Day...will there be early voting available?
    There are several ways to vote early before an election.  Early voting is set up in the Clerk's Office for in-person voting prior to Election Day. Absentee voting by mail is another convenient option available.  And now with the introduction of Early Voting Satellite locations, there will be places where you can just drop in and vote in-person during the hours prior to Election Day that they are open. For those individuals who are not able to leave their home and require assistance to vote we have Absentee Traveling Board.

  • Can voters still go to their old polling place?
    The polling locations used in previous elections will not be open on Election Day unless they have been repurposed as a Vote Center.
  • How does the voting machine give the voter the correct ballot?
    Our voting machines can hold all the different ballots. When the voter checks in, the poll workers of that Vote Center will assist them just as in the past.  No matter what precinct you live in, you will get the correct ballot, it does not matter which Vote Center you visit. Voters will still be using the same voting machines they are familiar with.
  • With fewer polling locations, will there be long lines?
    Long lines are not expected because each Vote Center is equipped with electronic poll books and more voting machines. The process of voting is streamlined and ultimately quicker. Also, the more voters who take advantage of the many early voting options available will reduce the number of voters voting on Election Day.
  • Does a voter need a specific reason to take advantage of Early Voting?
    Early voting is a wonderful convenience that is offered to ALL registered voters. A registered voter does NOT need a specific reason to vote early, either in the Clerk's Office or at an Early Voting Satellite location. ANY registered voter can vote early at ANY available early voting location!