Sidewalk Replacement Program

To improve citizen health, safety, welfare and accessibility, the City of Huntington will work with City property owners to provide better sidewalks by instituting its Sidewalk Replacement Program.  This program is meant to assist property owners in paying for the cost to replace all or portions of their sidewalk.  Each year, using historical and current data, the City will develop "program costs" for 4" sidewalk, 4" curbface sidewalk, and 6" drive approach sidewalks which shall be used to determine the maximum sidewalk cost payed for by the City.  Reserving the right to discontinue or modify the program without notice, and subject to funding availability, the City will pay for new sidewalks actually installed pursuant to the program.

  • The city will pay for the total cost of any approved ADA compliant sidewalk ramp.
  • The City will pay up to one-half (1/2) of the sidewalks replaced under this program.

In order for the City to pay for the designated portion of the sidewalk program, all of the necessary requirements listed below must be met.

  • Property owner must complete all sections of the Sidewalk Replacement Application Form.
  • The City's Engineering Department must inform the applicant in writing of the maximum funding available from the City.  Construction must not begin before written approval is given.
  • All work must be completed within 90 days of the written approval being given (extensions may be applied for, but not guaranteed).
  • Any changes to the proposed improvements must be approved in advance by the Engineering Department.
  • Inspections must be completed by the City prior to concrete being poured and once the sidewalk is complete.
  • Once all of the requirements have been met, the City will authorize payment for the City's portion to the contactor.
  • The City retains the right to prioritize requests in accordance with the City's determination of the best utilization of available Program funding.

Program applications may be obtained here or at the City Engineering Department's office.

Contact Adam Cuttriss with any questions regarding this program.

Maximum City Share

4" regular $4.75 per SQ FT
4" curbface $4.85 per SQ FT
6" Drive Approach $5.00 per SQ FT

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