City Utilities Frequently Asked Questions

Posted Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

How do I start, stop or transfer service?

You can find the necessary forms at or on the Resource Table next to the 24/7 Dropbox located behind the blue door at 300 Cherry St. You may also call (260) 356-3220 to request assistance.

What services are included on my monthly City Utilities bill?

Your monthly City Utilities bill includes four separate services in one convenient payment. These services are water, sewer/wastewater, trash pickup and recycling.

When you start or transfer utility service at a residential address, you will be automatically enrolled in trash and recycling services. Trash and recycling are contracted with Waste Management and Republic Services, respectively. For other trash- and recycling-related customer service needs, contact the Street Department at (260) 356-4720.

How do I get a damaged trash bin or recycling bin replaced?

To report a damaged bin or request a replacement, please call the Street Department at (260) 356-4720.

How is the amount I am billed each month determined?

Your bill is comprised of the four service categories listed above: water, sewer, trash and recycling. The “hydrant charges” listed on your bill falls within the “water” category and is determined by the size of your meter.

Your monthly water usage in cubic feet (100 cubic feet is approximately 748 gallons) determines your water and sewer charges, at rates set by City Council.

The water rate reflects:

  • The costs to the City of Huntington to provide safe, clean water.

The wastewater rate reflects:

  • The costs incurred by the City of Huntington to treat wastewater and sewage.

Trash and recycling services are provided at a rate bid and contracted with the third-party companies listed above.

Indiana’s 7 percent sales tax is applied only to the water consumption portion of your bill.

How often is my water meter read?

In most cases meters are read each month, and charges for that month are based on actual usage. In some instances when a meter cannot be read, you may be charged for estimated usage based on previous averages. Any adjustments following a bill based on estimated usage will be made the following billing cycle.

Meters are read in three zones, and your payment due date is based on the zone that contains your address.

What if I have a water leak?

A large or unexpected increase in your bill is often the result of a water leak. When a customer receives a high bill, we suggest the following:

  1. Check for a silent leak in your toilet(s).
  2. Check that your water softener is operating correctly.
  3. Check that the humidifier on your furnace is operating correctly.

Other potential problem areas include underground leaks, water heaters, broken pipes, faucets, valves, outside spigots and icemakers.

If you have checked all of the above and have not identified the water leak’s source, call the City Utilities Office at (260) 356-3220.

Can an adjustment to my bill be made if I have an expensive leak?

City Utility customers may qualify for one billing adjustment in a rolling calendar year in case of a water leak that leads to higher-than-normal utility costs. To qualify the customer must follow a process set forth in the City Code of Ordinances. Please call City Utilities at (260) 356-3220 for more information.

Are permits required for new home construction?

A system development fee is required for system inspections and new water meter installation. Please call the Engineering Department at (260) 356-1400 ext. 2021 to start this process.

Can I pay my utility bill online?

Yes, you can pay your bill at Click here to see all of your payment options.

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