Posted Thursday, June 6, 2024

Mahon Road, Division Road and County Road 550S Work to Begin June 11Construction Update

Beginning on June 11, we will begin the process of our full-depth road reclamation project. The roads involved in this project are highlighted on the attached map. The scheduled start date for each road is as follows:

  • Mahon Road - June 11.
  • Division Road - June 12.
  • County Road 550S - June 13.

The first step is to grind the existing road. Next, we will shape and grade the road to obtain the proper depth of materials and slope it from center to edge.

Following that we will add calcium chloride to the material. The road may need to be closed during this portion as the calcium needs time to penetrate the materials.

Once the calcium has hardened, we then will add a small layer of primer. Also, during this time the road may be closed. The primer can be very sticky and may stick to vehicles if driven over. If it is imperative to drive on the primer please proceed very slowly. The faster the vehicle is driven the greater chance that the primer will adhere to your vehicle.

The last step is then to chip and seal the road, tentatively set for the following week, weather permitting.