Posted Friday, February 9, 2024.

LTCP Update on Intersection Closure, Sewer Line Installation

LTCP Update

Construction crews dig a deep trench on Friday, Feb. 9, 2024, west of the State/Lafontaine intersection to install a new sewer line.

Construction crews continue work at the State and Lafontaine intersection to prepare for new sewer installation and the next steps in the city’s Long-Term Control Plan. Water mains in the area are being rerouted in advance of major sewer line installation that could begin as soon as the end of the month. It is not clear yet if the intersection will reopen for a period of time in between construction stages.

The LTCP is a federally mandated program to eliminate combined sewer overflows in the city’s century-old system that can lead to pollution in local rivers and streams during heavy rainfall or snowmelt. Huntington is currently working to complete the final parts of a nine-phase plan that first broke ground in 2012.

Major sewer line installation to finish the LTCP will take place over the next year along a route that includes parts of Lafontaine and Division streets and most of Tipton Street. Trenches as deep as 30 feet must be excavated to install pipes as large as 72 inches in diameter – large enough for most people to walk through.

The upcoming sewer work will be completed in shorter sections to minimize the impact, but limited on-street parking, street and sidewalk closures, and other inconveniences should be expected. Ultimately, complete street and sidewalk reconstruction along the route will be among the improvements. We thank everyone for their patience!

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