Huntington Downtown Plan Ad

The City of Huntington is currently developing a downtown master plan that will identify goals, policies, and action steps to guide downtown development over the next 20 years. Public input will drive the vision and ideas put forth in the master plan, and the City of Huntington needs your ideas, comments, and feedback. Do you have ideas for how the downtown should grow or where new businesses should be located? Are there challenges relating to land use, design, character, or programming that you would like to identify?

Go to or click the image above to take the Downtown Survey!

“Broad-based input is critical to this plan, and we welcome everyone to provide their ideas for the future of our downtown,” said Mayor Richard Strick.

This plan will provide a clear direction for the City of Huntington in addressing downtown challenges over the next 20 years. The master plan will include an analysis of existing physical and economic conditions, establish a vision and goals, and identify action steps that guide the growth and development of downtown in an efficient and effective manner. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the vision for Huntington’s downtown! The City of Huntington needs your help to plan for what is best for the community’s future!

If you would like more information about establishing Huntington’s Destination Downtown Master Plan, please contact Bryn Keplinger ( at (260) 356-5146 or Amber Rensberger ( at (260) 356-1400 ext. 2000.