The Basic Rules of Firearms Safety

1. Handle all firearms as if they were loaded: Safe gun handling must be a habit practiced at all times. Even after determining that a gun is not loaded. Continue to handle it as though it were.

2. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction: A safe direction is a direction that would prevent injury to anyone, or damage to property if an unintentional discharge occurred.

3. Keep your finger out of the firearms trigger guard and off the trigger until you have aligned the sights on a safe target and you have made the decision to fire: This prevents the firearm from being unintentionally discharged if you lose your balance, stumble, or are startled

4. Always be certain that your target and the surrounding area are safe before firing: Some bullets can travel for several miles before stopping if they don't strike anything. Bullets can also fire through your target and be a danger to anyone or anything beyond. When hunting, never fire at a noise or a movement without positively identifying your intended target.

5. When handling any firearm, always open the action to determine if the firearm is loaded: Make sure you keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction. If you don't know how to open the action, don't handle the firearm.

6. Thoroughly read the instruction manual for your firearm: Never use a firearm unless yon are completely familiar with its operation and safety features. Instruction manuals are available from the manufacturer.

7. Before firing any firearms, make sure it is in safe working order and that the barrel is clear of any dirt or obstructions: Even a small obstruction can cause the barrel to bulge or burst upon firing.