Texting 911

Huntington County Public Safety Dispatch accepts TEXT messages from wireless customers, who may not be able to speak for various reasons.


When to text to 911:

Callers who can, should always make a voice call to 911. If you cannot make a voice call due to being impaired or in danger please send a text. Sending a text to 911 is not as fast as making a voice call. The dispatcher may ask you to make a voice call, even if it is a silent call, to obtain your location if you cannot provide it.

How to text to 911:

Using the messaging icon on your phone:

  • Select "create a new message".
  • Put 911 in the "to:" field.
  • Put your location and emergency into the message.
  • Press send.
  • Continue your dialog with the dispatcher and follow their instructions.


  • Use a text app that can be downloaded.
  • Attach or send pictures or videos to the message.
  • Use abbreviations and text jargon.

What else do you need to know?

  • Your phone must be able to send a text message.
  • Text to 911 allows limited location information. When providing your location, please be as concise and descriptive as you can.
  • When providing an address be sure to include the city or town to limit confusion, as multiple jurisdictions use the same street names.
  • If text to 911 does not go through or if it is not available you will receive a "bounce back" message telling you to make a voice call to 911.

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