Annually Assessed Mobile Homes

A mobile/modular home (MH) not on a permanent foundation is assessed on an annual basis. 

To determine the value of MHs, we use National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) guidelines base on year, model and square footage, as well as exterior features. 

A person who permits a mobile home to be placed on any land, which he/she owns or possesses, shall report that fact to the County Assessor within 10 days after the MH is placed on the land.

It is the current owner's responsibility to obtain a permit from the County Treasurer if the home is to be moved or if the title is to be transferred to a new owner.

It is the owner's responsibility to keep any deductions (homestead, mortgage, etc.) current with the Auditors Office.

Due to new changes in the law, the Huntington County Assessor's Office is requesting all MH owners to turn in a VIN number ASAP.