The responsibilities of the Probation Department include:

  • conducting Pre-hearing and Pre-Sentence Investigation and prepare reports as required by Law;
  • assisting the courts in making Pre-Trial Release decisions;
  • assisting the Courts, Prosecuting Attorneys, and other Law Enforcement Officials in making decisions regarding the diversion of charged individuals to appropriate non-criminal alternatives;
  • furnishing each person placed on probation under his/her supervision a written statement of the conditions of probation and instructing him/her regarding those conditions;
  • supervising and assisting persons on probation consistent with conditions of probation imposed by the Court;
  • notifying the Court when a violation of a condition of probation occurs;
  • cooperating with public and private agencies and other persons concerned with the treatment or welfare of persons on probation;
  • assisting them in obtaining services from those agencies and persons;
  • keeping accurate records of cases investigated by him and of all cases assigned to him by the court, and keeping accurate and complete accounts of those collections and disbursements;
  • assisting the Court in transferring supervision of a person on probation to a Court in another jurisdiction,
  • and performing other duties as required by Law or as directed by the Court.

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