Huntington County Jail

The Huntington County Jail was built in 1984 at a cost of $2.2 million dollars. It is designed to house 99 inmates but averages 100 to 105 inmates throughout the year. In 1998, a second floor was added, which consists of office space and a large meeting room.

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Jail Officers

Huntington County has 14 full-time and 10 part-time Jailers. All full-time Jail Officers are required to complete a one-week Jailers School accredited by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Jailers are responsible for inmate care, discipline and booking.

Nutrition Center

The Jails has a fully operational kitchen where all meals are prepared for the inmates. Cooks prepare meals with the help of jail trustees.

Medical Facility

The Huntington County Jail also has an in-house medical facility that staffs a doctor and a full-time nurse (260-356-3110). Medical services are provided through a contract with Quality Correctional Care.
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Mail/Phone Privileges

Letters may be sent to an inmate, however no contraband may be placed in the envelope. Letters sent to the Jail should be formatted the following way:

Inmate's Name
Huntington County Jail
332 E. State St
Huntington, IN 46750
(Cell block or number is NOT needed)

Inmates have access to make outgoing phone calls through Inmate Calling Solutions. Call (888) 506-8407 for pre-paid services.

Huntington County Jail Mail Rules

The jail reserves the right to inspect all mail. Mail considered as privileged correspondence will be inspected in the presence of the inmate. Privileged correspondence to or from: Attorneys, Courts, Government officials.

All incoming and outgoing mail may be opened and inspected for contraband and prohibited property prior to the inmate receiving the mail or prior to the mail being sent out from this facility. Exception:  privileged correspondence shall be opened and inspected in the presence of the inmate. Any article or mail found to be in violation will be marked “return to sender” or will be passed on to investigators for possible criminal action.

Inmates may not be allowed to read or look at incoming mail that contains any prohibited items. The entire mail or package will be marked as “return to sender”. Prohibited items in incoming mail may include, but not limited to : polaroid photographs, photographs containing nudity and/or suggestive clothing, alcohol, drugs, or drug indicators, material containing gang indicators, obscene photographs, obscene pictures, copies of obscene pictures/photographs, obscene graphics, photographs exceeding a 4 x 6 in dimension, greeting cards with sound making devices, greeting cards with glitter/glue, envelope stamps, copies from magazines, newspaper articles, copies of newspaper articles, internet pages, copies of internet pages, copies of books, stickers, glitter, glue, perfumed letters or letters with a foreign odor, legal discovery not provided by the inmate’s attorney on record, boxes, parcels, packages, some commercial mail, lipstick on letters, games, copies of games out of a book, off of the internet or from a newspaper, and letters written in colored ink, colored pencil, marker, paint, or crayon.

Incoming mail must be written in ink (blue or black) or pencil only. (No marker, colored pens, colored pencils, crayons or other writing materials are accepted).

All incoming mail without a name and return address on the envelope will be marked “return to sender”.

All names and address information on incoming and outgoing mail must be legible.

Mail will be distributed to the inmates on the day it was delivered to this facility. There will be no mail delivered on Sundays or legal holidays.

This facility will accept money orders and cashier’s checks only for the inmates’ commissary account. Once the monies are deposited onto the inmate’s commissary account, a copy of the transaction receipt will be provided to the inmate. (No cash, personal checks, or traveler’s checks will be accepted.)

Envelopes with colors, drawings, or excessive writing may not be mailed out and may be placed in the inmate’s property. This facility will not release the envelope to anybody until that inmate is released from this facility.

Packages: No packages of any kind will be accepted for the inmate unless preapproved by the Jail Commander or his appointee. All packages will be inspected for contraband.

Books, magazines, newspapers MUST come directly from the publisher, not a middleman. 

Click here for list of publishers:

We do not allow papers to be brought into for the purpose of obtaining a signature. All items must be mailed into the facility, signed, and mailed back out of the facility. This includes tax papers, checks, bank items, permission slips, etc. The only exception to this rule will be if a signature is needed for EMERGENCY medical treatment of an inmate's minor child. In this case, verification of the "emergency" will be conducted and notification the Department of Family & Children's Services will be notified for intervention purposes.

Questions or Comments?

E-mail or call (260) 356-3110.