Boards & Commissions

Complete lists of county officials and county departments are also available.

- Development Plan Committee(260) 356-5146AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
- Subdivision Plat Committee(260) 356-5146AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
Board of Aviation Commissioners(260) 356-8515AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
Board of Zoning Appeals(260) 358-4840AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
Boards & CommissionsAgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
Board assignments for the Commissioners
City of Huntington Board of Zoning Appeals(260) 356-5146AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
City of Huntington Historic Review Board(260) 356-5146AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
City of Huntington Plan Commission(260) 356-5146AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
City of Huntington Redevelopment Commission(260) 356-5146AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
Development Plan Committee(260) 355-2313AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
Huntington County Local Emergency Planning Committee(260) 358-4870AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
Plan Commission(260) 358-4840AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates
Subdivision Plat Committee(260) 358-4836AgendasMinutesMeeting Dates

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