Task Forces & Commissions

Mayor's Advisory Council on Environmental Stewardship (MACES):

  • MACES meets on a monthly basis. Its mission is to improve the quality of life within Huntington through environmental stewardship by:

    • Identifying, developing and researching potential environmental stewardship initiatives.
    • Engaging, educating and connecting the community in environmental stewardship.
    • Informally advising the city on environmental issues and assessing potential risk areas and areas where environmental stewardship could provide or support solutions.

Mayor's Advisory Council on Community Accessibility (MACCA):

  • This advisory council meets monthly, working to help increase public awareness and help make the City of Huntington more accessible for residents and visitors of all abilities.

Mayor's Addiction Recovery Task Force:

  • The Addiction Recovery Task Force is comprised of substance abuse and mental health professionals, local law enforcement members and individuals in recovery. The task force works to build community partnerships, identify resources and best practices, and promote treatment-focused programs that can help individuals and families recover from addiction.