The Department issues required permits under the Building Code and other applicable codes of the City of Huntington.  The City requires permits for applicable construction, reconstruction, remodeling and demolition activities to ensure the safety and welfare of residents, workers and visitors. 

Properties in unincorporated Huntington County or any of the small towns are under the jurisdiction of the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development (DCD).


The permit process begins with a visit to the Department to obtain and apply for a permit.  Submission of the appropriate permit application form is required prior to commencing any construction activity.  Department staff will ask general questions in order to evaluate the scope of your project and identify the applicable permit requirements.  The Department utilizes a variety of permit forms for each type of construction activity.  Once applied, the form, site plan and additional documentation is reviewed by various members of the Department staff.  This verifies that the scope of work is in compliance with the Building Code, Zoning Code and other applicable codes.  Permit review also helps ensure that the project is compliant, per the application and plans, so that time and money are not wasted by the applicant on a project that fails to meet the minimum standards established by code.  Once the permit is approved, the applicant may return to the Department to obtain the permit.  On average, it takes between 3-5 days to obtain a building permit depending upon the complexity of the project, so applicants are encouraged to plan ahead.  Failure to complete the application form in full or submit required plans or documentation may delay the review of your permit.  After permit issuance, the applicant is ready to start construction activities and request required inspections as indicated on the Building Permit Card.  If you are unsure of the proper permit application form, please contact us for assistance.

Below are the current permit application forms for the City of Huntington.  If you are unsure of what forms are applicable to your project, please contact us or see the lists below.  Also remember that most of the forms require site plans and/or other submittals.

Project Permit Application Form
Sheds (including pre-built), garages, pole barns, detached garages, gazebos, pergolas, etc. < 200 SQ FT Residential Accessory Structure Permit under 200 SQ FT
Sheds (including pre-built), garages, pole barns, detached garages, gazebos, pergolas, etc. > 200 SQ FT Residential Accessory Structure Permit over 200 SQ FT
New dwelling Residential Dwelling Permit
Addition to dwelling (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, attached garaged, etc) Residential Dwelling Addition Permit
Change in roof pitch or structural alterations Roof Alteration Permit
Residential swimming pools Swimming Pool Permit
New commercial structures and additions Commercial Structure Permit
Sheds (including pre-built), garages, pole barns, detached garages, gazebos, pergolas, etc. < 200 SQ FT Commercial Accessory Structure under 200 SQ FT Permit
Sheds (including pre-built), garages, pole barns, detached garages, gazebos, pergolas, etc. > 200 SQ FT Commercial Accessory Structure Permit over 200 SQ FT
and Other

Fences (including new, repaired, modified or replacements) Fence Permit
Wood decks, deck roofs, handicap ramps, 3 season room (deck enclosure), etc Deck & Deck Roof Permit
Open porch, porch with roof, roof over an existing porch, 3 season room (porch enclosure) Concrete Porch & Porch Roof Permit
New service, upgrades, branch circuits, temporary service, etc Electrical Permit
Plumbing work associated with new construction, remodeling or remodeling/alterations Plumbing Permit
Demolition of structures > 200 SQ FT Demolition Permit
New construction, development, substantial improvement, earthwork or other activity within the regulated Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) Floodplain Permit
New, relocated, or altered permanent and temporary signs Sign Permit
Required by state law when using lightweight I-joists or lightweight roof trusses in a residential or commercial structure.
Form 393

In accordance with Title XV of the City of Huntington Code of Ordinances, the following require a permit from the Department:   



Construction of new residential dwellings

Construction of additions to residential dwellings (including the enclosure of existing structures)

Construction of decks (both attached and detached)

Construction of porches

Construction of accessory structures (including, regardless of size or pre-buit/site built: garages, sheds, carports, gazebos, pergolas, etc.)

Construction of non-residential structures

Construction of additions to non-residential structures

Interior renovation to non-residential structures, including work which requires a State Design Release

Construction of new roof projections and structural changes to roofs (not re-shingling) 

*NOTE: Building Code prohibits the installation of more than two layers of roofing materials

Location of a manufactured home (including those inside mobile home parks)

Construction of in-ground swimming pools

Construction of on-ground swimming pools that are capable of a water depth greater than 42" or located inside a residence

Replacement, movement or reconstruction of any structure which, if new would require a building permit

Temporary structures



New service

Service upgrades

Relocation or alteration of service

Connection of a service to a manufactured or mobile home

Branch circuits



New homes

Residential additions

Commercial structures

Commercial additions

The addition of plumbing fixtures in any structure

Accessory structures with plumbing



Demolition of structures larger than 200 square feet



Construction of a new fence

Reconstruction or modification to an existing fence (including changes to the type or height of fence)



Construction, development or excavation in Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)

Installation of permanent signs

Installation of temporary signs

Home occupations

Livestock operation

Airport height

Please note that this list is intended to be a summary and each project is different. This list does not include permits required by other Departments (such as sidewalk, drive cut, water tap, sewer tap, etc. as issued by the City Engineering Department). Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that all required permits have been obtained prior to commencing construction activity. 

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