The Huntington Police Department takes training very seriously and is bound by state regulations to provide a minimal of 24 hours of training each and every year, which each officer records well over the minimal requirement.  The training must be broken down into mandated areas.  The three core areas Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and Emergency Vehicle Operations must be instructed a minimum of two hours for each one every year.  Other state mandates include Domestic Violence, Hazardous Materials, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Mental Illness, Blood Borne Pathogens, and Human Trafficking each must be instructed one hour. The rest of the time can be any instruction which would be beneficial to the betterment of the officer and the department. Most of the elective training is geared toward officer safety, investigative techniques, and crime prevention.  Once a year all law enforcement personnel meets with the local prosecutor's office for a legal update advising us of any new laws or changes to old ones. The Department also hosts and participates in the Active Shooter program put on by the Indiana State Police which keeps us up to date on how to best deal with someone who enters a school or business that is believed to be involved in an active shooter(s), barricaded person(s), or hostage situations.
     All officer training must be certified by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and reported and accepted by them each year. Should an officer fail to meet any of the criteria above he would not be able to keep his job and would have to be terminated.

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