Applying for a Special Event

1. Download the Special Event Application form to begin the process. You may also call (260) 356-1400 ext. 2000 or email Administrative Assistant Amber Rensberger to request the form.

  • If your event will include alcohol, you must complete State Form 35494 and return it to the District 2 local excise office for approval in order to obtain a temporary beer/wine permit. The application requires the signatures of both the Chief of Police and the Excise Police representative. The Alcohol Usage form provides further instructions and information. Depending on the details of your event, you may need to submit both the Special Event Application form and Alcohol Usage form.

  • For information on rental of city facilities such as Sunken Gardens or park pavilions, please click here.

2. Return a completed application and all related materials to the Mayor's office at least 30 DAYS before your event. This includes fulfilling all the steps included in the application:

  • Calling all necessary offices.
  • Contacting the Clerk’s Office at (260) 356-1400 ext. 2019 to be added to the agenda for the next Board of Public Works & Safety meeting.
  • Paying your deposit(s).
  • Submitting a Certificate of Insurance and any additional permits needed.

3. Attend your scheduled Board of Public Works & Safety meeting and be prepared to answer any questions regarding your event. The board will vote on approval of your event, related street closure, etc.

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