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Staff 1-50 of 209
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Abbott, Mary Administrative Assistant to Veterans Service Officer   260-358-4863
Abbott, Zach Firefighter Fire Department 260-356-3620
Anglin, Ryan Firefighter Fire Department 260-356-3620
Arivett, Travis Lieutenant Fire Department 260-356-3620
Armstrong, Brock Officer Patrol 260-356-7110
Bailey, Angela Dispatcher Dispatch 260-356-8316
Bair, Erica Technical Operations Coordinator County Surveyor 260-358-4856
Baker, Clayton Officer Patrol 260-356-7110
Baldridge, Cheryl Deeds Deputy County Auditor 260-358-4804
Bauer, Nick Lieutenant Fire Department 260-356-3620
Beeks, Teri R Deputy Treasurer County Treasurer   260-358-4860
Bennett, Becky Jail Officer Jail Officers  
Bickel, Shane County Council County Council  
Bickel, Travis Officer Patrol 260-356-7110
Bischoff, Tim Interim City Services Superintendent City Services 260-356-4720
Blackburn, Matt Firefighter Fire Department 260-356-3620
Blair, Shane Detective Investigations 260-356-7110
Bola, Raghbir Lab Director     260-358-2313
Bolinger, Brandon Firefighter Fire Department 260-356-3620
Bond, Ben GIS Coordinator    
Boone, Terri L County Assessor   260-358-4800
Bowers, Julie Probation Assistant    
Boxell, Cory Detective Sergeant Investigations 260-356-7110
Brewer, John Lieutenant Fire Department 260-356-3620
Brinkman, Jered Officer Patrol 260-356-7110
Brown, Jacob Firefighter Fire Department 260-356-3620
Brumbaugh, Chris Firefighter Fire Department 260-356-3620
Brumbaugh, Dennis Part-time Jail Officer Jail Officers  
Burnau, Curan Firefighter Fire Department 260-356-3620
Burnworth, Mike Lieutenant Fire Department 260-356-3620
Burris, Molly Chief Deputy County Assessor 260-358-4800
Butche, Kayla Office Manager Records  
Buzzard, Larry Commissioner County Commissioners 260-358-4822
Caley, Bob City Services Superintendent   260-356-4720
Campbell, Jessica Zoning and Permitting Associate Community Development 260-358-4836
Capozza, Anthony Firefighter Fire Department 260-356-3620
Carroll, Annette Director of Operations Water Pollution Control  
Chenoweth-Ruble, Anne Judicial Assistant County Home Page   260-358-4854
Close, Adam Firefighter Fire Department 260-356-3620
Close, Kevin Lieutenant Fire Department 260-356-3620
Collins, Joe Sergeant Jail  
Corral, Jordan Officer Patrol 260-356-7110
Cunningham, Jan Dispatcher Dispatch 260-356-8316
Cuttriss, Adam Interim Director of Public Works and Engineering Services Public Works & Engineering Services 260-356-1400 x 2021
Daniels, Terry Health Board President Huntington County Board of Health   260-358-4831
Decker, Angie Bailiff Circuit Court 260-358-4814
Devine, Erika HR Director   260-355-2329
Doe, Jane VP Training    
Doe, John MS Office Training Coordinator County Training Department 317-555-5555
Double, Brian Officer Patrol 260-356-7110
Staff 1-50 of 209