Apply for a Special Event Permit that Involves a Street Closure

1. Call the Mayor’s Office at (260) 356-1400 ext. 2000, email Administrative Assistant Amber Rensberger to request an application or download it here.

2. Return a completed application and all related materials at least 30 DAYS before your event. This includes fulfilling all the steps included in the application:

  • Calling all necessary offices.
  • Contacting the Clerk’s Office at (260) 356-1400 ext. 2019 to be added to the agenda for the next Board of Public Works & Safety meeting.
  • Paying your deposit.
  • Submitting a Certificate of Insurance and any additional permits needed.

3. Attend your scheduled Board of Public Works & Safety meeting and be prepared to answer any questions regarding your event. The board will vote on approval of your event and related street closure.