General Court Information

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What the Court CANNOT do....
The Court, including the Judge and all of the Court staff, cannot provide any legal advice or legal interpretations. Only a lawyer can provide you with legal advice. We cannot advise you whether or not you should file a case or advise you what will happen in court. The Court cannot fill out your paperwork or advise you what information to provide. The Court staff cannot sign an order or change any order signed by the Judge.
What the Court CAN do....
The Court can provide you with a telephone number for a lawyer referral service. We can provide answers about how the court works. We can provide you with general information about court rules, procedures and practices. We can provide you information from your case file. We can review your paperwork to assure completeness by checking for signatures, case number and county information. We can provide with a web address so you may research how to do your own filings.