Sunken Gardens

About This Location

 Sunken Gardens is located at West Park Drive and Dimond Street.  Originally dedicated to Huntington in 1924, the park flourished for many years.  However, time and the lack of monies caused the gardens to lose their luster.  From 1964 to 1967, the city took on a revitalizing plan to restore the gardens to their once again magnificent glory.

This enchanting park, where graceful fieldstone footbridges span a u-shaped pond, and stone stairways lead visitors to the gardens below, was erected our of an old abandoned stone quarry.  The quarry's natural rough-hewn stonewalls provided a living amphitheater, which architects incorporated in the designing of the ponds, walks, bridges, flowers and foliage.  Today, the addition of a Christmas light display during the winter season has attracted thousands to this multi-level heaven.

Sunken Gardens/Shakespeare Gardens is a historical show place.  It continues to be respected landmark of restored beauty and community pride.