City Council Updates Open Burning, Parking Ordinances

Posted Thursday, September 16, 2021.

HUNTINGTON – City Council members took action Tuesday evening to update two ordinances on the books in the City of Huntington. Ordinance 12-C-21, passed unanimously, revises city codes related to open burning and parking.

Chapter 94 of the city’s Code of Ordinances prohibits open burning within city limits, with exceptions for small recreational campfires and barbecue pits or grills used to prepare food.

Recreational campfires allowed under the ordinance cannot exceed 36 inches in diameter, while the fuel load is not to exceed two vertical feet. It must be reasonably unlikely that any open burning may be spread to or damage other property, or that the smoke and fumes would create a nuisance to adjacent properties.

Recreational campfires must be located a reasonably safe distance from any structure, fence or public right-of-way. The exact distance is at the discretion of the Huntington Fire Department, allowing for consideration of current wind and weather conditions. Open burning during windy or dry conditions is strongly discouraged and may result in a violation being issued and the fire being immediately extinguished.

Recreational campfires must be attended at all times until fully extinguished, and residents must have the means to extinguish the fire, such as a hose or fire extinguisher, readily available. Leaves, paper, garbage, rubbish, grass, trade waste, plastics or similar items, such as furniture, are not allowable fuel sources.

Permits for bonfires larger than the recreational campfire as defined above are no longer available under the ordinance. The Huntington Fire Department has not issued such permits in several years.

Barbecue pits or grills may use electricity, gas, wood or charcoal as a fuel sources for food preparation and must be located a safe distance from any structure.

The Fire Department retains discretion to issue warnings, and repeat violations may be subject to monetary penalties of up to $200. Anyone with questions about safe burning practices should call the Fire Department at (260) 356-3620.

Council members also voted in favor of a change to Chapter 72 of the city’s code of ordinances to grant the City of Huntington authority to tow vehicles for certain parking violations.

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