Overview - City of Huntington COVID-19 Mitigation Grant and Making Space Initiative Program

Program Announcement: Nov 24th, 2020

Application Period Open: 8:00 AM Dec 14th, 2020


The City of Huntington, Indiana, is providing grants to reimburse local businesses and chartered nonprofits taking steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through making riskier settings and activities safer. Strong candidates to receive reimbursement include entities where the primary activity requires not wearing a mask while indoors around others such as a bar, restaurant, or gym.

The maximum grant per application is $2,500.00 and will reimburse documented, qualified expenses. Businesses can submit up to two additional applications but consideration will be made for first time applicants. The City will utilize a competitive application process. Therefore, it is imperative that applicants fully read these application materials and submit a timely and complete application. Once received by noon on Wednesday, applications received that week will be reviewed by staff every Thursday. A staff recommendation will be made to the Board of Public Works and Service (BPWS) for funding. Only upon approval by BPWS will a business be awarded a grant for reimbursing approved mitigation expenses. Applications may be submitted for pre-approval but reimbursement will only be made upon completion and documentation of expenses. Due to the need for expediency, retroactive applications may be submitted by noon on Dec. 31st to document improvements made between Nov. 24th and Dec. 13th.

Only mitigation efforts in full compliance with applicable Fire and Building Code will be considered. Funds may be used to reimburse mitigation expenses for lowering the risk of spreading COVID-19, below are some examples of eligible uses of the grant funds:

  • Heaters for outdoor seating
  • Awnings with no walls
  • Qualified air purification units
  • Plastic shields or dividers
  • Additional mitigation expenses

In order for a business to be eligible, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a for-profit business or a chartered nonprofit.
  2. Be physically located within the corporate limits of the City of Huntington, Indiana.
  3. Be in cooperation and compliance with City and County efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
  4. Be in full compliance with applicable fire and building codes for any proposed COVID-19 mitigation.
  5. Be willing to provide documentation of expenses related to COVID-19 mitigation being submitted.
  6. Agree to all terms, conditions, and responsibilities set forth by the City and execute a Grant Agreement document.

Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis and are subject to the availability of funding. All decisions by the BPWS are final and once all program funding has been exhausted, the program will be closed. Staff will prioritize applications that show the greatest need due to the COVID-19 pandemic based on the following scoring criteria (maximum 20 points):

Business Status:

  • Closed = 5 pts
  • Partially Open = 3 pts
  • Open as Normal = 1 pts

Impact on Neighboring Businesses:

  • Minimal Impact = 5
  • Moderate Impact = 3
  • Severe Impact = 1

Employee Count:

  • <15 Employees = 5 pts
  • 16-25 Employees = 3 pts
  • >25 Employees = 1 pts

Other Local, State or Federal Loans or Grants:

  • No other assistance = 5 pts
  • Received non-forgivable loan = 3 pts
  • Received grant or forgivable loan = 1 pts

Submission Check List:

  • Completed Application form.
  • A list of materials for the COVID-19 mitigation project.
  • Required additional materials such as renderings, photographs, etc.

Questions may be directed to for forwarding to staff:


In addition to COVID-19 mitigation grants, the City is offering temporary accommodations to allow businesses increased flexibility to encourage curbside pick-up and outdoor seating:

  • Businesses with parking lots may submit an application to convert parking spot(s) to outdoor seating areas temporarily. Such areas may not eliminate or interfere with handicap parking or ADA accessibility.
  • Businesses with on-street parking may submit an application to convert parking spot(s) contiguous to their frontage to outdoor seating areas temporarily. Such areas may not eliminate or interfere with handicap parking or ADA accessibility.
  • Businesses located downtown with frontage on Market and Washington streets between Cherry St and Warren St may submit a joint application allowing the temporary conversion of Market St to one-way westbound traffic and Washington St to one-way eastbound traffic.
  • Businesses with on-street parking may submit an application to convert 2-hr parking contiguous to their frontage to 15-minute parking temporarily to ease carryout and curbside pick-up.

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