Market Street Repairs Begin

Anyone who has driven down Market Street in the last two years has undoubtedly noticed the “washboard effect” on the road’s surface, which is caused by old, interurban railroad ties underneath the asphalt that have begun to fail. That bumpy ride is about to change, thanks in part to a Community Crossing Grant through the Indiana Depart of Transportation (INDOT).


To receive these funds, the City of Huntington pledged 50% of the road improvement costs. These funds will come from a special income tax distribution, which was awarded to the City of Huntington through the Indiana General Assembly earlier this year.


The repairs to Market Street, which include tearing out the tracks and rumble strips between First and Warren streets, followed by laying new asphalt, are the first of several road improvements coming to the area.


In order to make the best use of grant and tax funding, the City of Huntington has identified roads for repair based on a Pavement and Surface Evaluation Report (PASER). “Through this report,” says Anthony Goodnight, Director of Public Works & Engineering Services, “we were able to pick streets that have the greatest impact in the community. We want to get the absolute most out of each road.”


Goodnight compares the road repaving decisions to the process of replacing a car’s tires. “You wouldn’t trade in tires that still have 25% tread remaining for a new set of tires. Instead, you run those tires the remaining 25% so you can get the most out of those tires,” says Goodnight. It’s the same with the City of Huntington roads. “We take picking roads [for repaving] very seriously,” he continues, adding that “we like to spread the road paving around to all areas of town.”


Roads slated for improvements this year include:

  • Market Street (from First Street to Warren Street)
  • Ray Street (from Merillat Boulevard to College Avenue)
  • Guilford Street (from Lynwood to Madison)
  • Guilford Street (from Tipton Street to East Park Drive)
  • Kocher Street (from Broadway to Condit)


“We’re glad to have this opportunity to make these kinds of improvements in the roads,” says Goodnight. “Anytime you make improvements in an area,” he continues, “you give people a new sense of ownership and pride.”

Market Street repairs began September 30, 2016 Interurban tracks were removed from beneath the asphalt

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