Posted Wednesday, July 3, 2024

West Park Drive Recycling Facility Survey Results


We want to thank everyone who gave their feedback to Huntington County’s Solid Waste Board. Your input will help the Board improve the effectiveness of the recycling program and the service Huntington County residents receive at the drop-off locations.

Last week’s survey generated 347 responses and nearly 300 additional comments from Huntington City and County residents, which the Solid Waste Board members will review and consider.

Survey results are linked above, and a summary is included below:


  • 52.4 percent of respondents reside in Huntington County outside of Huntington City limits.
  • 47.3 percent reside in the City of Huntington.


  • 72.6 percent responded that relocating the facility to 515 S 300 W would increase their travel time. 17.3 percent stated it would not increase their travel time, and 10.1 percent were neutral.
  • 45.5 percent responded that they would start using or continue using the drop-off recycling service if it offered more flexible hours. 37.5 percent stated they would not use the facility for this reason, and 17 percent were neutral.
  • 45.8 percent responded they would start using or continue using the facility if relocating it would keep down operating costs. 36 percent stated they would not use the facility for this reason, and 18.2 percent were neutral.
  • 49.9 percent responded they would start using or continue using the facility if they were assured that recyclable materials would not have to be discarded due to contamination. 30.3 percent stated they would not continue using the facility for this reason, and 19.9 percent were neutral.

Frequency of Use

  • 33.7 percent responded that they use the West Park Drive facility weekly. 40.3 percent stated they use it monthly. 25.9 percent responded “other”.

Huntington County’s Solid Waste Board has not made a final decision on the future of the West Park Drive drop-off recycling facility or its potential relocation to the old city landfill.

In the meantime, residents of all parts of Huntington County are encouraged to recycle responsibly at one of the county’s three drop-off locations. They are located at:

  • Memorial Park Service Building, 1205 W. Park Drive, Huntington.
  • 450 Wabash St., Andrews.
  • Town Garage, 316 W. Second St., Warren.

For questions about what is accepted at these sites, please follow this link ( or call the Solid Waste District office at (260) 358-4886.

You may also send an email to one of the Huntington County Solid Waste Board members with a question, comment or concern:

  • Tom Wall, Huntington County Commissioner,
  • Terry Stoffel, Huntington County Commissioner,
  • Rob Miller, Huntington County Commissioner,
  • Richard Strick, Huntington Mayor,
  • Laura Dillon, Town Representative,
  • PJ Felton, Huntington City Council,
  • Peyton Miller, Huntington County Council,

The Solid Waste Board’s next public meeting is scheduled for 8 a.m. August 12 at the Huntington County Courthouse.