City Council Requests Time to Consider Scooter Regulations

Posted Wednesday, April 13, 2022.

With the introduction of electric scooters last week in downtown Huntington, the Huntington City Council has officially requested time to consider appropriate regulations for the safety of all riders, pedestrians and vehicle operators.

After discussion and debate on the matter at Tuesday evening's City Council meeting, District 3 Representative Todd Johnson made a motion directing Mayor Richard Strick to work with Morrell's Scooters to temporarily remove the scooters until Council can weigh and enact safety regulations it deems fit. The motion was seconded by District 2 Representative Paul Pike. It carried on a 5-2 roll call vote.

Morrell's Scooters told the city today, April 13, that it would retrieve all scooters for the time being by the end of the day Friday, April 14. The City of Huntington thanks the business for its prompt attention to the matter.

Chapter 75 of the City Code of Ordinances restricts bicycles from being ridden on sidewalks in any business district, including downtown Huntington. City Code contains no provision regulating electric vehicles such as the scooters that have been available since last week, except for on the city trails system.

According to Chapter 99 of the City Code, electric scooters are not permitted on the city's trails. City Council will review all relevant ordinances and regulations as it considers solutions.

As it does for all types of vehicles, City Council will work to craft rules that would allow electric scooters to be enjoyed responsibly by those who choose to use them while promoting the safety of all riders, pedestrians and vehicle operators. The body's next meeting is scheduled for 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, April 26.

"I think it's in the hands of the seven people that it ought to be," City Attorney Mike Hartburg said during Tuesday's meeting, referring to Council's seven members.

Morrell's Scooters is a private company based in Marion, Ind., and operating in the communities of Gas City, Wabash and Anderson. The City of Huntington does not operate or make money from the rental of electric scooters within the city.

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