Crime Prevention Tips

Crime prevention in the home

You can protect against break-ins! In most cases, a little extra care and thought are all that's needed. Keep in mind that:
  • Most Burglars and Vandals seek "easy" targets
    Why? Because they want to get in quickly, quietly and unseen! The more you do about prevention, the lower your risk of a break-in.

  • Effective home security need not be costly!
    That's because common sense and a bit of time and energy can go a long way!

Follow these basic break-in prevention tips

  1. Never allow strangers into your home: Use your peephole--and don't open the door! Ask service people to slip identification under the door (call their home office and double check!). Have a person who is stranded and claims to need help wait outside while you call for assistance.

  2. Play it smart on the telephone: Don't let callers know if you're home alone, or that your home is empty at certain times of day. Retrieve answering machine messages often. Never give credit card numbers or other personal information (unless you've initiated a call to a reputable organization).

  3. Vary your routine: Changing your daily patterns (even slightly) may be enough to discourage a burglar. Remember--burglars like easy jobs. They hate surprises!

  4. Put away tools and machinery when not in use: Don't leave them laying around when they could be stolen-- or used to gain entry into your home.

  5. Store Ladders indoors: Don't provide burglars with a handy way to climb in through balconies, second-floor windows, etc.
Consider an Alarm System
Not everyone needs an alarm system. However, they can be an important security feature for some people!
  • Check with your local police and fire departments.
  • Shop around. Make sure salespeople explain the features of the system they sell--which parts of the house or property are monitored, whether or not the system can detect fires, etc.
  • Request references--talk to other costomers about the systems they bought and their experience with the security company.

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