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There are four types of bonds that are normally issued by the court; Cash Bonds, 10% Cash Bonds and Surety Bonds


Cash Bond: A cash bond requires the full amount of the bond to be paid.   

10 % Cash Bond: Requires 10% of the amount of the bond.
Both cash bonds and 10% cash bonds must be paid with a cashier's check or money order made payable to the Clerk of the Courts, or paid via credit card by contacting Gov Pay as listed below.  OUR OFFICE DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY CASH PAYMENTS FOR BONDS.
Any bond money collected via cash bond or 10% cash bond is then held by the clerk of the courts until the conclusion of ones case.  This bond money may be returned to the offender at the completion of the case after deduction of fines, costs, fees, and other matters ordered by the court.  The clerk of the court is responsible for the return of the bond money.
Surety Bond: Bondsman that are registered in Huntington County usually charge a fee of 10% of your total bond. This fee is non-refundable. Our staff cannot recommend a specific bondsman, but will allow you to choose one.
Split Bond: Is when the judge orders a 10% cash bond AND a surety bond.  Both bond amounts need to be collected
Own Recognizance Bond: The judge can release you on your promise to appear in court when required, but this can only be done by court order.
Credit Card Bond: Available through Government Payment Service at 888-604-7888 (location code 5098)


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