Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses will be issued Monday - Friday, PREFERABLY BY APPOINTMENT, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm in the Clerk's Office, Room 201 of the Courthouse.
Below is the information required for a Marriage License in Huntington IN:

18 or Older In-State Residents

  1. Both applicants must appear together.
  2. At least one of the applicants must live in Huntington County.
  3. Each applicant must have a valid Driver's License, state issued ID Card or certified copy of their Birth Certificate.
  4. Each applicant must provide their full (9-digit) Social Security Number.
  5. Cost for the application is $20.00 (which includes a certified copy). CASH ONLY. 
  6. There is no waiting period and the license is good for 60 days.
  7. The wedding ceremony can take place anywhere in the State of Indiana.
  8. You can start your Marriage License Application online which will save time at the Clerk's Office.  You will still have to appear at the Clerk's Office to complete the process and receive your license. 
  9. Marriage License E-File: .

(Attention:  18 or Older Out-of-State Residents...cost for the application is $62.00, which includes a certified copy, CASH ONLY.  The wedding ceremony MUST take place within Huntington County.)

17 Years Old
  1. Birth Certificate required.
  2. Both parents must appear with applicant and sign application.
  3. Plus the above requirements

16 Years Old or Under

  1. A "Permission to Marry" form must be filed in Circuit Court.
  2. The Judge will make a determination of whether the license can be issued.
  3. Cost for filing is $157.00 (even if the Judge denies the marriage).
  4. Plus the 17 year old requirements.
 The Clerk's Office will perform wedding ceremonies at the Courthouse BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
R: 10-26-18

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