PaymentCourt Payments
Traffic Violations
Speeding: 1-15 Miles Over
Speeding: 16-25 Miles Over $146.00

Deferral Program 1-19 over

contact 358-4846

Speeding: 26 and Over $171.00
Deferral Program 20 - 25 plus (speed) contact 358-4846
Unreasonable Speed $171.00
Construction Zone                                            Add $ 25.00
Seat Belt $ 25.00
Expired Plates $135.00
Expired License/No License in Possession $136.00
False or Fictitious Registration $136.00
Disregard Stop Sign or Light $136.00
Failure to Yield $136.00
Learner's Permit Violation $136.00
Unsafe Start $136.00
Child Restraint $ 25.00
Headlight Not Working $145.00
Inadequate Brakes $170.00
Driving While Suspended $236.00
Littering $235.00
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia $235.00
Passing School Bus w/Stop Arm $236.00
Open Container $236.00
Permitting Violation $236.00
Did Not Provide Financial Responsibility $635.50
Did Not Provide Financial Responsibility w/Accident
Purchase or Acceptance of Tobacco
Violation of Probationary License
Must Appear
Must Appear
Deferred Prosecution Fee IC 33-37-5-17 $ 120.00     
Initial User Fee IC 33-37-4-1(c)      50.00
Monthly User Fee IC 33-37-4-1(c)     120.00 (1)
Under IC 33-37-5
A Highway Worksite Zone Fee (if driving offense)               .50
A Document Storage Fee            5.00
An Automated Record Keeping Fee             5.00
A Public Defense Administration Fee             5.00
A Judicial Insurance Adjustment Fee            1.00
A Judicial Salaries Fee         20.00
A Court Administration Fee             5.00
A DNA Sample Processing fee         3.00
TOTAL (driving offense) $ 334.50
(non-driving offense) $ 334.00
(1) Monthly fee is $20 for each month that the person remains in the pretrial diversion program. The maximum time in the program may not exceed maximum length of the possible sentence. The maximum length could include probation as an alternative sentence per Davidson vs. State. The above illustration uses a six month sentence, you will need to adjust the calculation of the total fees based on the actual number of months of the program.
Moving Traffic Offense Court Cost IC 34-28-5-1 $    70.00  (1)
Initial Users Fee * IC 33-37-4-2(e)       52.00  (2)
Monthly User Fee * IC 33-37-4-2(e)       60.00  (3)
Under IC 33-37-5
A Highway Worksite Zone Fee(if driving offense)                  .50
A Document Storage Fee              5.00
An Automated Record Keeping Fee
TOTAL (driving offense) $   192.50
(non-driving offense) $   192.00
* Statute states these fees are not to exceed these amounts. Your prosecutor may have lower rates than the maximum allowed.
(1) If the infraction or violation is not a moving traffic offense, then this will not be collected.
(2) $50.00 goes to the deferral program and $2.00 goes to the jury pay fund.
(3) Monthly fee is $10.00 for each month that the person remains in the program. (This scenario would illustrate a 6 month program. Your county may have different time ranges for the program which will cause your total to be different.) 
Payment Information:
No personal checks accepted!
Certified check or money order made payable to "Huntington County Clerk". Ticket is due by court appearance date on bottom of ticket. Please include ticket or ticket number and name with payment.
To Pay by Credit Card: 
Call 1-260-358-4821
Mail payments to:    Traffic Tickets
                              P.O. Box 228
                              Huntington,  In  46750
Phone:   (260) 358-4821
Fax:       (260) 355-6364
Deferral and Pre-Trial Programs
Please contact the Deferral Coordinator at (260) 358-4846.

Acceptance of credit card payment:
One 30-day extension may be granted upon receipt of written request. The Court will add $100.00 to the above amounts and begin license suspension proceedings if you fail to pay or appear.
Court Costs
IC 33-37-4-2
$   70.00 
Alcohol and Drug Services Program Fee
IC 33-37-5-8(b)
Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fee
IC 33-37-5-8(c)
Alcohol and Drug Countermeasures Fee
IC 33-37-5-10
Highway Worksite Zone Fee
IC 33-37-5-14
Deferred Prosecution Fee
IC 33-37-5-17
Jury Fee
IC 33-37-5-19
Document Storage Fee
IC 33-37-5-20
Automated Record Keeping Fee
IC 33-37-5-21      20.00
Late Payment Fee
IC 33-37-5-22
            *  (4)
Public Defense Administration Fee
IC 33-37-5-21.2
Judicial Insurance Adjustment Fee
IC 33-37-5-25
Judicial Salaries Fee
IC 33-37-5-26
DNA Sample Processing Fee
IC 33-37-5-26.2
Court Administration Fee
IC 33-37-5-27
Total Infraction/Ordinance Violations Filing Fees
$  135.00
Sheriff's Service of Process Fee IC 33-37-5-15       28.00 (3)
Total Infraction/Ordinance Filing Fees (with service of process fee)
$  163.00
* Judge determines if this fee is to be collected and the amount of the fee.
(1) Collect $.50 only if traffic offense and could be $25.50 if exceeding the worksite speed limit or failure to merge.
(2) $120.00 fee for court costs if the criminal action is a misdemeanor and the defendant enters the pretrial diversion program.
(3) The clerk shall collect this fee from a party requesting service of a writ, an order, a process, a notice, a tax warrant, or any other paper completed by the sheriff. This fee may only be collected one time per case for pre-judgement. However, fee may be collected post-judgement as well.
(4) A court that adopts a local rule imposing a late payment fee may collect $25.

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