Main Street Huntington


Create, maintain, and grow vibrancy within the Main Street Huntington area by encouraging investments and enhancements to the visual aesthetics of properties, both public and private;

Preservation of the rich architectural heritage that the Main Street Huntington area has to offer to the citizens of Huntington and to those tourists seeking the City of Huntington as a future destination;

Stimulate economic development by providing incentives to existing and future businesses wishing to locate within the Main Street Huntington area while ensuring business sustainability through aesthetically pleasing improvements;

Encourage upkeep and improvements by property owners and/or tenants within the Main Street Huntington area, and encouraging the use of quality materials in conjunction with these projects and efforts;

Compliment other revitalization and development efforts made by the City of Huntington and Huntington County United Economic Development to help attract, maintain, and grow sustainable business and industrial developments throughout Huntington.

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