Huntington is hiring!

Local industries are seeking new employees 

There is good news in Huntington for talented people who are looking for work. Businesses and industries are hiring skilled workers. 

“The unemployment rate for individuals with marketable skills, who want to work, is low,” says Mark Wickersham, Executive Director for Huntington County Economic Development. 

Huntington’s July unemployment rate remained low at 3.3 percent. The average annual unemployment rate in Huntington County since 1969 is 5.7 percent, so the demand for labor is as encouraging today as ever. 

The Huntington County Economic Development Corporation’s website ( had 83 jobs posted within a ten mile radius on a single day, including postings from Auto Truck Group, Bendix, Dean Foods and Ecolab. UTEC, which has gone through several rounds of layoffs, also posted new job openings in August. 

For job seekers who need to gain marketable skills, the Huntington County Community Learning Center helps workers become even more employable. 

“There are opportunities here,” Wickersham says. “Most of our clients are trying to fill positions. It’s a question of connecting talent with employers.”

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