Child Support

Applying for Services

If you would like to apply for child support services, please complete the application form and bring it to our office, along with a copy of your driver's license, your child/children's birth certificates, their social security cards, and copies of your divorce decree or child support orders, if you have them.  There is no application fee.

Child Support Services

Establish paternity and child support orders

The IVD office can help you establish paternity on a child by doing genetic testing.  If the parents were not married when the child was born, but the father signed a paternity affidavit, paternity has already been established.  Once paternity is established, the court will order the non-custodial parent to pay child support.  Please read the paternity establishment brochure for more information.
Enforce support orders

If a non-custodial parent is not paying his or her support, the IVD office can help the custodial parent enforce their support order and collect payment.  Our office has a number of different ways we can enforce a support order:

  • Income Withholding Orders: If the non-custodial parent is working and is at least four weeks behind in support payments, we will send an order to the employer requiring them to take money directly out of the person's paycheck and send it to the State.  Non-custodial parents can also request an income withholding order even if they are current if that is a more convenient way for them to pay support.
  • Contempt: If a non-custodial parent falls at least six weeks behind in support payments, the IVD office can file a petition alleging that the parent is in contempt of court for failing to pay support.  A parent found in contempt can be incarcerated for up to 180 days or until he or she is purged of contempt, which usually requires paying a lump sum towards the arrearage.
  • License/Passport Suspension: The IVD Office can request that the federal government suspend a person's passport so they cannot leave the country until they pay their child support.  If the non-custodial parent lives in Indiana and has a driver's license, the IVD Office can request that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles suspend their license until they pay their child support.
  • Liens: If a non-custodial parent owns property, such as a house or a car, the IVD Office can take a lien out on that property so they cannot sell it without some or all of the money going towards back support.  The IVD Office can also put liens on lottery winnings, bank accounts, and inheritances.
  • Tax Intercepts: If the non-custodial parent is more than $500 behind in child support on a non-TANF case or $150 on a TANF case, the State will intercept that person's federal tax refund and apply it to the back support.  This also applies to any stimulus payments the federal government may give out.  State tax checks will be intercepted if the non-custodial parent is more than $150 in arrears.  For more information on intercepting tax checks, please go to
  • Felony:  If the IVD office has tried all of the above, and the non-custodial parent still is not complying with the support order, the prosecutor may decide to file felony charges.  Non-Support of a Dependent Child is a Level 6 Felony and is punishable by up to two and one-half years in jail and a fine not to exceed $10,000. 
Programs for Non-Custodial Parents
  • Early Outreach:  Believe it or not, we really want to help non-custodial parents pay their support.  We don't like filing contempt petitions against parents, so we have created this program to try to keep your case out of the courtroom.  If you are unemployed, we will help you try to find a job.  Program participants will periodically meet with a caseworker for assistance on filling out job applications, creating a resume, improving interviewing skills, locating companies that are currently hiring, and for assistance in overcoming any out barriers you may have to finding a job.  If you are interested in this program, please contact our office for more information. 
  • Prison Outreach: If you are incarcerated, you may be entitled to a modification of your support order due to your inability to work while you are in prison.  If we learn of your incarceration, a caseworker may send you a letter and a packet to help you with requesting a modification.  Please fill out the application, and any other paperwork sent to you, and mail it back to our office immediately.  We also send a caseworker to the Huntington County Jail about once a month to meet with incarcerated parents to advise them of their rights and assist them with applying for a modification. 
Modify support orders

Either party can request that the Court modify the support order once a year if there is at least a 20% change in either direction, or if there is a substantial change in circumstances.  If you would like to have your caseworker review your order for modification, please read through the information sheet and complete the modification packet, which is can be found here. 


Under Indiana law, children are emancipated at the age of 19, unless there is a disability or some other reason that keeps them from supporting themselves.  If the child is younger than 19, a parent can file to terminate a support order if the child has not been in school for at least four months and is capable of supporting him/herself.  Only a judge can determine if a support order should be terminated and it is done on a case-by-case basis.  If you believe that your child is self-supporting, please contact your caseworker to discuss your options.  Information on emancipations can be found here   

Medical/Insurance Orders

In Indiana, most child support orders contain a provision on which parent is to pay the medical bills.  If you have a judgment against the other parent for medical expenses, the IVD office may be able to help you collect on the judgment.  We cannot get a judgment for you. 

Also, the IVD office can obtain an order for either one or both parents to carry health insurance for the child.


·         Establishment of orders for college or educational expenses

·         Obtain judgments on medical bills

·         Custody changes

·         Visitation

INDIANA PARENTING TIME HELPLINE is a free service that is open to everyone. Staffed by licensed attorneys who can provide education about parenting time guidelines, information on visitation questions and relevant referrals for assistance. You may call 844-836-0003, Monday -  Friday, 12 - 5 PM Eastern Time or email *The helpline attorneys cannot give legal advice about specific situations or cases and the use of the helpline does not create an attorney-client relationship.

The IVD Office does not represent either parent; it only represents the State of Indiana.  Either parent can hire their own attorney at any time to represent them in these proceedings.
How to make a payment
  • You can make cash payments in the Huntington County Clerk's Office on the second floor of the court house. 
  • Credit card payments can be made at or by calling 1-855-972-9427. You will be charged a small convenience fee to make a credit card payment.
  • You can have the payments garnished from your wages.  Please contact your case worker to have an income withholding order sent to your employer. 
  • You can pay cash at select retail locations listed at  Huntington County locations include Walmart, CVS, and Advance America. 
  • You can mail a personal check, money order, cashier's check or certified check to the Indiana State Central Collection Unit.  Please remember to use one of the remittance forms found here.  You can mail money orders to:


                        PO Box 7130

                        Indianapolis, IN 46207-7130

  • Additional information on how to make payments can be found at


Who is eligible to apply for IVD services? 

Any parent, guardian, or relative who has physical custody of the child can apply to the program.  Non-custodial parents can also join the program.  The application can be found here.
I pay child support.  Can I join the IVD program and what services are available for me? 

Yes, non-custodial parents can join the IVD program; however, our office will still take enforcement action against you if fall behind in your payments.  We can assist you with modifications of your order and emancipation. 

I believe that I am the father of a child.  Can I join IVD to establish paternity? 

Yes, but we will also request that the court order you to pay child support if paternity is established.  You can find more information about establishing paternity and what it means in the paternity brochure.

How do I update my address and/or phone number, and how often do I need to do this?  

You will need to update your address and telephone number every time it changes.  You can do this by calling or emailing your caseworker and reporting the new information.

Does the IVD Office represent me? 

No, the IVD office, including the prosecuting attorney, does not represent either parent; the office represents the State of Indiana.  Both parents are free to hire their own attorney at any time.  Joining the IVD program does not create an attorney-client relationship between the IVD office and the program participant.

Can the IVD office help me with a custody or visitation problem? 

No, the IVD office is prohibited by law from being involved in a custody or visitation dispute between parents.  We cannot give you any advice about custody or visitation, and we urge you to talk to a private attorney.

Who should I contact with payment questions? 

You can contact the Kids Line at 1-800-840-8757, which is available 24 hours a day, for information on payments.

Will the IVD office help me modify my support order? 

Yes, you can request that the office review your support order once per year by filling out a Request for Modification Review and returning it to your caseworker.  Either parent can request a review once a year.  For more information about this procedure, please read through the information sheet attached to the packet.  The packet can be found here.

Will the IVD office help me collect unpaid medical bills from the non-custodial parent? 

The IVD office can only help you in this area if you already have a judgment from a court stating how much the absent parent is to pay.  For more information on requesting this service, please contact your case worker.

If my ex doesn't pay  support, will he/she go to jail?

That is one possible outcome, but the Court must find the non-custodial parent in contempt of court.  In that case, incarceration is not meant to be a punishment for not paying support but is a way to try to force the parent to pay.  The prosecutor also has the discretion to file felony non-support charges against delinquent parents.

I am a non-custodial parent and I don't agree with the amount of my arrearage.  What should I do?

Contact your casework and she will show you how it was calculated.  If you still do not agree with the figure, you can request a hearing and the judge will determine what your arrearage is.

I don't know where the father of my child is?  Can I still join the IVD program?

Yes, the IVD office offers locator services to try to find absent parents.

I am on an income withholding order, but my employer is not taking enough money out.  What should I do?

If the full amount of your order is not being taken out of your paycheck, it means that you do not make enough money for your employer to take that amount.  The employer cannot take out more than 55% of your check for support.  You are expected to make up the difference each week.  If you find that you cannot afford your weekly amount, you can discuss your options with your caseworker.

My ex won't let me see my kids.  Do I have to pay support for them?

Yes, visitation is not linked to paying child support.  If there is an issue with custody and/or visitation, you can either file a petition to get a hearing in court or you can speak with a private attorney about your options.  The court could hold you in contempt for not paying support even if the custodial party prevents you from visiting with the children. 



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